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Solid Roofs from Highseal Manufacturing Company

A highly insulated, lightweight timber solution, designed to be used for a new sun room or as a roof replacement to existing conservatories.  The Sentinel Solid Roof provides excellent thermal performance with a u-value of 0.18.  The roof has been tested and certified to ensure compliance with current Building Regulation requirements for structural and thermal performance.

Solid roof. A product we can offer to DIY, trade and retail.

Why do you need a Solid Roof?

Roofing from Highseal Manufacturing CompanyOur Solid Roof provides year-round comfort to enhance the enjoyment of your conservatory.  It will keep your room cosy and warm in the winter but cool and comfortable in the summer, and will reduce the noise generated by rain.  It can improve privacy thus preventing neighbours seeing into your personal space.  Wood outperforms Aluminium or Steel for thermal efficiency as it is not a thermal conductor, it is therefore less likely to condensate and will be at least 5 times more energy efficient than traditional glazed conservatory roofs, resulting in reduced energy bills.


Can be personalised inside and out. Internally the roof can be plastered, the most popular finish, or cladded with timber and pvc.  Roof vents are also available for added light and ventilation.  These come with a 10-year guarantee, slimline wooden frame design, lacquer coating and toughened outer glass.


Externally you can choose from a range of coloured lightweight tiles and slates from Metrotile and Tapco, both of which have BBA accreditation, weatherproof performance and a guarantee against corrosion, warping, fading and cracking. 

The roof is made pre-assembled in our factory and then dis-assembled and taken to site.  This helps to minimise disruption to the client, maximises efficiency on site, ensures design accuracy, and provides fast installation, which in turn helps to reduce the time the conservatory is left open.  


The roof pods are a boarded one-piece timber framework section, either shaped or rectangular, which forms a structural link.  All pod joints are glued and screwed together before being boarded with 18mm OSB roofing sheets.  A 90mm thick multi layer of Hybris foam and foil backed insulation is fitted into the pods before they are bolted together to secure the installation.  A 19-layer vapour barrier is then added and fitted across the underside of the roof.  This provides further insulation as well as air and watertight seals to prevent both air leakage and moisture passing through the roof (eliminating the risk of condensation).


The outside of the pods are covered with a waterproof air permeable breather membrane which lies below the tiles.  2 x 2 battens are fitted internally to create a further air gap, allowing 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard ready for a typical 2.5mm skim finish.  The one-piece roof pods are then glued and screwed onto a continuous Glulam (glued laminated timber) ring beam which is attached to the head of the window frames, finished with a 150mm fascia board and an "ogee" decorative gutter system.  The engineered beam provides incredible structural strength, and long-term durability and performance.

U- Value of 0.18

U-value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k and shows the amount of heat loss in watts per square metre of material when the temperature outside is at least one degree low. The lower the u-value, the better the insulation provided by the material.

Stratus aluminium lantern roof system is discreet but stylish. It allows light to flood into your home so is ideal for a new fresh, bright room for you to enjoy. Provides excellent thermal performance keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you are building a new kitchen extensions or replacing an existing lantern roof, Stratus will help redefine your home.

Available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design models with sizes up to 3m x 6m. The high end, high performance lantern roof is ideal for modern living. Comes with a choice of 2 hard-wearing exterior powder coated finishes, with a white interior finish. You can choose from anthracite grey and crisp white.

Thermal break technology ensures the Stratus is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The lantern has an ultra-low conductive element that seperates the inner and outer aluminium skin, helping keep heat transfer down and your heating bills lows. Up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems. 

Low profile 20 degrees pitch that allows purpose designed cappings that keep sightlines to a minimum. Discreet black finish of the perimeter beam ensures you view the lantern from above all you'll see is glass and a discreet shadow line. High-quality British engineering at its best. 

Prices are inclusive of glazing. All glass units are supplied toughened, low E/ blue easy clean glass, centre pane value 1.0, including solar factor of 38% and 94% UV protection. 


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